Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Location and Character(s) Introductions
1 Beginning of the Hunt On the very first ever HLP Interlude, four new characters take the stage and begin a bloody crusade across Ustalav. Who are they and what are they doing in our regular party's story?? Find out now! Edward Turner, Nana Opal, Dr. Vivian Malus, Saw Moonisle, Auren Vrood
2 If the Ends Justify the Means Service is cancelled! During this episode, the Church of Pharasma undergoes an involuntary makeover courtesy of our new characters. After the makeover, the priestess of the church learns what it means to withhold information from the Way. Listen in and find out what information they were looking for!
3 Making of a Madman The party stop for a quick service and study session with the locals before following the Vargas duo to Ravengro. Will the group be able to best the trap master's trickery? What does the Way have in store for the party? Find out now in the longest episode of HLP to date! Antrellus, Marisol
4 Ascension Day Sickness is in season as the evil characters wreak havoc in Ustalav once again! Learn what happened to Saw, Edward, Nana Opal, and Dr. Vivian since the last time we saw them as they are contacted by an old friend and given another mission. Follow the dastardly party as they attempt to remain covert at a zany old man’s Ascension Day party! Drink up, it's Cayden Cailean's day!
5 Cookie Contagion The evil characters finally meet Jasmine Phoenix! How will they deal with a woman whose temper is as fiery as her name suggests? What is in the cookies Nana Opal keeps passing out? Can Dr. Vivian act as the party's rogue? Will these anti-heroes make it out without being found out? Tune in now! Jasmine Phoenix
6 Night of the Pale The party relaxes for a couple weeks after the crazy - almost failed - mission on Ascension Day! They wake up with strange new tattoos and an invitation to a dinner party on the Night of the Pale! Will they make it to the party with an appropriate gift? What does the host have in mind for them at the after-party? Maybe don't grab a snack while you tune in to this one!
7 Gnome Alone In this episode of the Evil Interlude series, these anti-heroes leave the party to go Jasmine Phoenix's home. They barely have time to digest what's going on! What they find in store for them is reminiscent of the holiday classic Home Alone! Will the party survive this death trap of a home? Will this odd family lose a member to bad will saves? Tune in now! 
8 Phoenix Down It's the final countdown. What will Jasmine have in store for them on the third floor? Everyone is going down in flames! There are highs and there are lows - join the group on this roller coaster of an episode. Grab a drink and enjoy the ride! 
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