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Location Description
Ravengro Small Ustalavic town where Professor Lorrimore lives and where the heroes first meet
Ustalav Gothic nation once ruled by the Whispering Tyrant but still shrouded in mysterious creatures and dark secrets. Part of the Inner Sea region.
Mwangi Expanse Name given to the dense jungle region in the interior of Garund. A part of, and also expands south of the Inner Sea region.
Inner Sea Region Consisting of primarily two continents, Avistan to the north and Garund to the south.
Golarion Planet on which the Inner Sea region is located
Restlands Ravengo's graveyard
Harrowstone Prison Two storey, stonewalled, ruined prison in Ravengro that held the most notorious criminals until a fire broke out during a riot, killing all prisoners and most of the guards.
Lepidstadt City in northwestern Ustalav founded about 700 years ago. About 400 km north of Ravengro. Home of University of Lepidstadt. Gothic architecture remains from the Whispering Tyrant's rule.
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