Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Location and Character(s) Introduced
1 Hamms and Harrows Welcome to the Carrion Crowd! Join us for our very first episode of the Hideous Laughter Podcast where the harrows are read and the Hamms are housed. In this episode, we introduce both our in-game characters as well as the players behind the voices. Ravengro, Ikmur, Eclipse, Motumbe, Leira, Professor Lorrimore
2 Horny Horace and the Pretty Lady Rumble in the cemetery! Listen in as our heroes enter their first horrifying combat of the Carrion Crown adventure path: a no-holds-barred Farm Hands vs. Level 1 PC's smackdown! Plus, a figure from Ikmur's past returns and geriatric tinkerer once again begins to feel stirrings of vigor. Ravengro Restlands. Makyl, Kendra Lorrimore, Zocar Elkarid, Gibs Hephenus, Father Vauran Greenbro, Abraun Chalet, Adivion Adrissant, Ed Dunn, Kvalca Sain, Zvraskav Hora
3 Naughty Tomes Join our heroes this episode as the last will and testament of Professor Lorrimor is revealed! Will the heroes be brave peeling apart the pages of Professor Lorrimor's naughty tomes? Will our players be able to keep up with their characters' in-game BAC? Find out this week! Jasmine Phoenix
4 Getting Brain in the Library Eclipse finally finds out what's been tapping at her window. We listen as the heroes split the party for the first time. Kendra and Moutumbe bond in library while Ik, Leira, and Eclipse harrass an old lady. Ending with a 'gruff' sherrif and major town monument, what will happen next on The Hideous Laughter Podcast?
5 The Curious Case of the Bloody V What letter do you think is on the statue?? Bet you can't tell from the episode title! Join our heroes this week as they try to solve the Curious Case of the Bloody V. Plus Motumbe has a tale for you that will make you think twice about who you pick as your study buddy in the library. Benjan Caeller, Vesorianna Hawkran, Warden Veishan Hawkran
6 Tales From the Crypt Fart Join our adventurers this week as they fight to avoid joining the corpses in the crypt under the Restlands! Plus a sad story about a bird and Griffin tells all about why he's the last one you want to be stuck underground with!
7 Birdemic Birds of a feather haunt together! On another pulse pounding episode of the HLP, our heroes have to face real shock and terror as they confront a flapping flock of frights! Will they make it out alive? Will they answer the mystery of the drowned raven? Or will it all be for the birds? Find out now!
8 Magic Tree House: Pitful Pair in the Pit Who's that old man in the studio drinking whole milk? Why can't Ikmur get Mouserat's "The Pit" out of his head? And has Eclipse finally lost her marbles? Find out all this and more on this episode of the Hideous Laughter Podcast! Antrellus
9 Life in the Traphouse This episode, prepare to have your mind blown! This week the party confronts a reclusive man who lives in a treehouse rigged with more traps than a Saw movie! Tune in now and be careful what you do with your bird!
10 Total Eclipse of the Heart Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the unluckiest girl of them all? This week on the HLP, the party explores their new skills; some more foreboding than others. Plus, another round of vandalism, Ikmur comforts stricken parents, and Motumbe has an awkward encounter with the law. Tune in now!
11 Sturgeon General Warning On this episode, our heroes confront a killer who's looking to add them to his body count! Can our heroes overcome their first true encounter with unbridled evil and blood suckers, or will they join the little girl in the grave?
12 The Half-Orc Mows in a Spiral In this episode, our heroes take a closer look at the crime scene to uncover information and mysteries. Some questions are answered but many more are raised. The townsfolk sure have a few! As the body count increases, will our heroes be able to convince the town of their good intentions??
13 Knight Rider ft. Nick Cage The roof, the roof, the roof and the rest of Ravengro's town hall is on fire! Sweat it out with our heroes as we turn up the heat and desperately try to breathe! Plus, is that Nick Cage or David Hasselhoff approaching the party?? Brooks certainly can't tell the difference! Find out now!
14 Birdemic 2: The Resurrection This is... also birdemic! On this feather-flying episode of the HLP, our heroes finally try to put the soul of a good friend and a flock of birds to rest. It's a grave-digging, fountain-cleansingly good time. Tune in now!
15 It's Scythe to Meet You Headed to Harrowstone prison! On a dreary day in Ravengro, our heroes begin the trek to the haunted prison where the old Professor Lorrimor met his untimely demise. Will  our heroes survive their first spooky encounter there, or will they be cut down to size? Tune in now! Harrowstone Prison
16 Put a Period On It Haunts in a haunted prison! Who could have seen that coming?? Join our heroes as they finally enter the infamous haunted prison, Harrowstone, where justice was swift and the sentence could be eternity! Will our heroes survive their first encounters, or join the damned behind the bars? 
17 Knight Rider 2: Immolation Boogaloo Is it getting hot in here or is it just this AP? Tune in to this scorching episode of the HLP where our heroes face off against fiery foes, both new and old. Will our heroes prevail, or be left sifting through the ashes of their adventure? Find out now!
18 Part 1: Prison Break Things aren't looking great for our heroes in Harrowstone. After a scorching encounter with a furnace, our heroes must decide between fight or flight. As things begin to get grim, they'll need to begin to think creatively to escape with their lives! Plus an old friend returns to say hi to Leira!
18 Part 2: Prison Broken What did Griffin roll? Does Motumbe make it out alive? As foes close in by air, land, and water, is there any way for our heroes to escape the prison with their lives? Will the party's first trip into Harrowstone change the party dynamic forever? Finish this extra tense episode and find out the answers to these questions and more now! 
19 Fear and Linen in the Infirmary After last week's brutal encounter, the party needs some well deserved rest and relaxation! Unfortunately for our heroes, there is no rest (even in the infirmary!) for the those seeking to purge the undead from this world and they must return to Harrowstone post haste! Be prepared, because who knows what else lie behind the gates of the haunted prison?
20 Take Off Your Pants and Straitjacket After last week's frightening encounter of medical malpractice, our heroes continue their search of the haunted prison of Harrowstone! Make sure you separate your lights and darks, because now the party must brave the laundry room! Will they emerge victorious, or will things take a vicious turn during the spin cycle? Tune in now!
21 Eight-Legged Puppies The investigation of Harrowstone continues, but are our heroes finding any answers, or just getting drawn into the web of the haunted prison's mystery? Tune in now to see if our heroes can overcome a particularly sticky situation, or if they'll become shackled to their doom!
22 V for Vesorianna On this revealing episode of the HLP, the party encounters a specter of the past in Harrowstone and gains new insight on the threat against Ravengro! What started as a funeral is shaping up to be an adventure in saving the town from the nefarious plans of a sinister cult! What information will they learn from this phantasmal friend? Will they be able to prevent her bleak vision of the future? Will they find any solace in this dreadful place? Find out now!
23 Weapons of Mass Discussion On another revealing episode of the HLP, our heroes continue to unravel the mystery of Harrowstone and it's ghostly denizens. As the party learns more about the vengeful spirits within, a new resolve to fight is found. Do they dare face their fears and enter the basement of doom? Find out now!
24 Leira in the Water On this episode of the HLP, our heroes go into the basement with the hopes of unraveling more of the prison's secrets. What will they find below? Will Leira finally use her swim speed? How difficult can the climb checks get? Find out now!
25 What We Do To The Shadows Get ready for another bone-shaking episode of the HLP! Join our heroes as they try to trap shadows, read wall plaques, and avoid being burned alive. Who will be the first of the Harrowstone Five that our heroes encounter? Find out now!
26 The Lopper Will See You Now On this sanguinary episode of the HLP, let the blood flow as our heroes face their toughest challenge yet - the axe-man himself, The Lopper. As the halls run red and the harrow cards run out, can our heroes cut down the fiend before time runs out? How many more will The Lopper take to the grave with him? Tune in Now! Vance "The Lopper" Saetressle
27 Bob Vance, Vance Decapitation In this episode of the HLP we find out what happened to the spirit of the Lopper. Will the party ever be able to trust one another again? What grisly insights into the Lopper will they gain by studying his remains? Find out this week!
28 Dusk 'til Pawn On this episode of the HLP, our heroes take a break from prison-cleansing for a bit of shopping, spiritual rejuvenation, and relaxation. As things on the outside seem as bad as inside the prison, they must return to confront another of the prison's worst. Will they survive their trip to the second floor of Harrowstone? Find out now!
29 Death of a Pharasman Double the haunts, double the trouble! On this episode of the HLP, our party comes face to face with a beat-dropping foe, The Piper of Illmarsh, and holyman-impersonating fiend, Father Charlatan. When this tune changes for this party and the battle becomes a showdown of wills on two fronts, can our heroes survive the onslaught or is this the verse that brings their song to a close? Find out now! Sefick "Father Charlatan" Corvin, Piper of Illmarsh
30 There's a Crit in the Water With three of the five Harrowstone fiends defeated, our heroes return to the basement of the prison to finish the job! Will they triumph over the final two, or will they be smashed to bits? Find out now! Ispin "Mosswater Marauder" Onyxcudgel
31 Part 1: Splatterday Night Live Live from Harrowstone Prison, it's Splatterday Night Live! Starring: The Splatterman, an Iron Maiden, and Rats! And tonight's musical guest, Bardic Performance! Enjoy the show! Hean "The Splatter Man" Feramin
31 Part 2: Splatterday Night Dead Live from Harrowstone Prison, it's Splatterday Night Dead! Starring: The Splatterman, Life and Death, Harrow Card Use, an Old Friend, and a Hammer! Featuring tonight's musical guest, The Gasping of our In-Studio Audience! Enjoy the show as we finish out Book One! 
32 Harrowstone Redemption On episode 32 of the #HLP, we pick right back up where we left off to clean up loose ends and truly finish book one of Carrion Crown. Can our heroes continue adventuring together after the game changing events of Splatter Night Dead? Find out now!
33 Just a Phase On this week's episode of the #HLP, our heroes depart from Ravengro for the next destination on their journey! They find out quickly though that the journey isn't as easy as it seems and get drawn into a mysterious sideshow! Will this carnival of distractions be the end of their main event? Find out now! Kaleb "Kap" Hesse
34 Strange Mwangi in a Strange Land This week on the #HLP, our heroes continue their valiant efforts to rescue a helpless carnie from near death! Plus introductions to some of their new traveling companions and a peak into the mystery surrounding Ikmur! Tune in now! S'jeer
35 Seymour Weiner This week, the crew pushes forward with some new-found friends toward Lepidstadt and the new chapter in their adventure. Want to learn the story of the forlorn Mwangi prince, the thickly bearded woman, and if Ikmur thinks it's okay to double-fist beers in the morning? Tune in now! 
36 Monsters in Lepidstadt Behold the wicker man! As our heroes enter Lepidstadt, clearly not all is well in their new city. With a beast on trial, mysteries a foot, and a city about to explode, can our heroes keep a level head and fulfill their oath to the departed Professor Lorrimor or will they be draw in to the discourse? Find out now! Adivion Adrissant, Ed Dunn, Lepidstadt
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