All voiced by Griffin Norman

Character Description Appears in Episode Number
Professor Lorrimore Adventure-seeking wizard from Ravengro who's death brings our heroes together. 1
Kendra Lorrimore Professor Lorimore's only daughter in her mid-twenties who lives in Ravengro. Recruits the heroes to investigate her father's death. 2
"Horny" Horace Croon Aging, yet strangely vigorous, man who enjoys the simple things in life; such as warm milk, thick chowder and Eclipse. Known tinkerer and inventor who collaborated with Professor Lorrimore, specifically in the process of making a non-magical machine to operate at great depths underwater. 2
Vesorianna Hawkran Wife of Prison Warden Veishan Hawkren, died in the Harrowstone Prison fire 5
Warden Veishan Hawkran Harrowstone Prison warden, died in the Harrowstone Prison fire 5
"Father" Zocar Elkarid Broad, warm hearted Ravengro barkeep. Owns Laughing Demon 2
Gibs Hephenus Vandalized the Harrowstone Memorial 2
Antrellus Insane Ravengro recluse 8
Marisol Antrellus's wife 3
Makyl Leira's Father 2
Father Vauran Greenbro Ravengro's cleric of Pharasma 2
Abraun Chalet Ornate portly man working as the Quarterfaux's curator in Caliphas 2
Zvraskav Hora aka "Z" Middle-aged, olive-skinned shop owner in Lepidstadt called Zasgrev's Incenses, specializing in mysterious and fine artifacts. Has two sons. 2
Adivion Adrissant Professor Lorrimore's apprentice adept in the arcane arts 2
Ed Dunn A, ginger man, Lepidstadt guard who's father was good friends with Professor Lorrimore. 2
Kvalca Sain Tall, strong, pretty, yellow-eyed, black haired woman who assisted Professor Lorrimore in Shudderwood Forest regarding lycanthropy. 2, 34
Benjan Caeller Ravengro town sheriff 5, 6, 7
Auren Vrood Necromancer for the Whispering Way. Recruits the Evil Interlude anti-heroes and directs their missions. Evil Interlude 1
Jasmine Phoenix An agent against the Whispering Way. Her grave is in the Ravengro Restlands holding the deceased Professor Lorrimore's belongings. 3
Piper of Illmarsh Prisoner, and eventual casualty of the Harrowstone Prison fire, who notoriously poisoned his victim's food and let his pet stirges feed on their still living bodies. 29
Vance "The Lopper" Saetressle A serial killer who got his nickname from how he killed his victims. Died in the Harrowstone Prison fire. 26, 35
Hean "The Splatter Man" Feramin Once professor, turned serial killer from Caliphas. Died in the Harrowstone Prison fire. 31
Sefick "Father Charlatan" Corvin Red haired, good looking cleric con-man who died as a prisoner in the Harrowstone fire 29
Ispin "Mosswater Marauder" Onyxcudgel A dwarven man who was convicted of killing his wife, then many others and sent to Harrowstone Prison. Died in the Harrowstone Prison fire. 30
Tar-Baphon The Whispering Tyrant's mortal name
Whispering Tyrant Powerful lich who led an undead army to control Avistan about 700 years in the past. Leader of the Whispering Way cult, even in death.
Kaleb "Kap" Hesse Outgoing ghostly white human man with long white hair. Dressed in a red velvet jacket, red and white striped parachute pants and red velvet top hat. Leader of the Crooked Kin. 33, 34
S'jeer Female sczarni member of the Crooked Kin. Gifted with future sight abilities. 34, 35
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