Episode Number Episode Description Creature Feature
1 On the first ever episode of the Zone of Truth Podcast Steve and Griff sit down to chat about the HLP so far. They discuss their Pathfinder and horror backgrounds as well as take a deep dive into the statblock of notorious prisoner the Lopper. The boys answer some listener questions and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the podcast was formed. Make a will save because you're in the Zone of Truth! The Lopper
2 On episode 2 of the Zone of Truth Steve and Griffin sit down with the rest of the cast of the Hideous Laughter Podcast to discuss the most recent episodes as well as dig into their characters. The creature feature this week is a double header discussing the Piper of Illmarsh and Father Charlatan. The cast answers listener questions and talks about how they became friends in the first place! Make a will save because you're in the Zone of Truth!

You can find the Spotify playlist discussed on the episode here:

Piper of Illmarsh and Father Charlatan
3 This week, we're talking about the Hideous Laughter Podcast's thrilling conclusion to book one of Carrion Crown adventure path! We do another double creature feature on the Mosswater Maurader and The Splatterman, then answer some listener questions! Roll a will save, it's the Zone of Truth. Mosswater Maaurader and The Splatterman
4 This week, we’re transitioning from book one to two of the Hideous Laughter Podcast’s playthrough of Carrion Crown. We do a creature feature feature on some movies that are inspiring our dive into book two, creature feature episode 33’s Phase Spider, then answer some listener questions. Roll a will save, you’re in the Zone of Truth. Phase Spider
5 This week, we talk local gaming and mini-games in your campaign. Griff and I take on the infamous Skull and Shackles “Bastard's Fool” drinking game and our guest helps walk us through our first non-Carrion Crown creature feature. Roll a will save, you’re in the Zone of Truth. Storm of Harpies
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